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Poor Communications
I have never before encountered an agency so slow and reluctant in employing a person in a long term lucrative contract. Poor communications, no contract paperwork, low rate offer, almost total lack of knowledge or experience pertinent to the job in ...
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I am a Graphic Designer and have 5 years experience. I went in for an interview and got told that they were impressed with my work and CV and could get me work. I thought the interview went well. They said when I left they would contact me. I have not heard from them and it has been over a month. I update them all the time with my availability and I don't even hear back from them. I dont understand. If there is not enough work for everyone why do you recruit so many people and get there hopes up? Don't say there is work when there isn't. Unprofessional! Don't fall for these false promises!
My experience with Huxley has always been good and so has been the experience of any friends or acquintances I´ve recommended to work with Huxley. Mature, efficient and reliable Company.
If you are interviewing with Matchtech, you are probably looking at JAM. Avoid JAM at all costs and dont fall for their promises. Its all a lie. A business that CAN NOT be trusted.
I was quite shocked to see the negative reviews of Brand Recruitment as I view them as the best recruitment agency I have worked in over the course of my 15 year career. Yes, they are frank, yet managed my expectations in a professional yet constructive way whilst attempting to secure me interviews. I eventually found a role for myself directly, yet the three interview processes I went through Brand with were smooth and each time I contactd them I was dealing with one of two people as they work in clearly defined teams. So for David and Sarah, many thanks!It was great to work with you, so I felt it right to spend three mins leaving this review. For the moaners who wrote the other reviews, perhaps you should realise it is a very competitive market out there, yet at the end of the day Brand make money out of filling the vacancies they work on - if you don't have the skills or experience to get a job, perhaps spend less time on sites like this and more time doing something positive that's going to help you get a job!!!
I've registered with a number of Agencies and keep going back to Thorpe Molloy. They are honest and upfront, the positions they have recommended are pretty much on the ball and always come with a job spec. They actually know who you are when you contact them. Unlike a lot of other agencies they didn't give false hope by contacting about inappropriate jobs. Feedback has always been prompt regardless of the outcome. If you want to be led up the garden path or need a morale boost forget it, if you want realistic advice go for it. They also pretty much know what they are talking about
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